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1. Do you ship items to other places around Australia?

When wanting a product of ours shipped to your location, we use the Australian Post guidelines and work out the freight payments for your specific delivery, once that is calculated we then let you know the details and you are expected to pay the freight cost. Unless of course you are apart of the surrounding districts that we deliver to on specific days. It is required that you order a rather substantial amount of goods before wanting them posted.



Do you sell to the Public? 

Yes we sell to the Public! You are able to ring and place an order to have it collected or drop in and go shopping just like you would at Woolworths; the only restricted areas in our workshop are the freezer and fridges due to health and safety regulations so if you know what you are wanting to purchase, someone will assist you. 


May we pay by cheque or credit card? 

Our company, with prior arrangement, accepts cheque and credit card payments over the phone. We try and arrange payment before having it delievered to ensure there is no lengthy delay or confusion.



Am I able to view your products? 

Yes, on our website you can view almost every product we stock, there mighn't always be a photo of the item but if you buzz through an email to one of our office staff members, we will be sure to assist you to the best of our ability.


What are delivery cut-off times? 

Cut off time for out of town customers are 12pm the previous day; and for same day deliveries we have a cut off time of strictly 2pm.


What is your returned goods policy? 

If the product is defective eg marked wrongly, then the company irrevocably will replace the product. If product is received in bad condition, then we must be advised within 24 hours. As our products are consistently monitored with temperature control machines and recorded hourly temperatures we assume the product is delivered in good order every time. Once received, correct storage of the products is the responsibility of the customer.


Reporting on the following day of products that were received in an unsatisfactory state will not automatically guarantee a replacement.