Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

FW Distributors (FWD) is committed to the privacy and protection of your personal information. This privacy policy outlines the the treatment of any personal information that you provide, including its collection and use, within the business.

Collection of information

Visitors simply wishing to browse or visit the website, are able to remain completely anonymous and are not required to provide any personal information whatsoever. In order to make a purchase however you are required to provide both your first and last names, e-mail address, postal address and at least one contact phone number, in order for us to provide our services. For an unregistered customer, this information will not be stored and collected and will be discarded after the service is complete.

Registered customers, or those who wish to register will also be required to additionally provide the company or business name and delivery address as a part of their registration process. This information will be collected and kept on record for future use. If a registered customers wishes to change or update their details, they must first contact FWD before this will change on our records.

 By refusing or neglecting to provide the information required by these fields, FWD might be unable to provide you with the services or products you desire.

Information use

All details collected and stored by FWD are used for strictly business purposes and to fully provide their services. Visiting customers or members of the general public's details are kept until the sale is finalised, after which the information is discarded, whereas registered customers details are kept on record. By keeping the details of our registered customers on record, we are able to make purchasing a quicker and easier process by eliminating the need to resubmit details upon visiting the website each time. Doing this also allows both FWD and the customer to keep, track of the what the product and quantity of which that they're purchasing. By registering and providing these details we're also able to give you access to special deals, promotions and events that suit your specific needs.

If FWD is unable to personally deliver a product or order we may sometimes use a third-party or sub-contractor, in which case we may be required to provide some details to ensure the delivery.

 Changing your details

If at any time you wish to change your provided details, you can contact FWD and request that old information be updated or changed and we will take measures to implement these changes. If you wish for any details to be deleted, we will be happy to oblige where possible, however some pieces of information are necessary if you wish to remain a registered customer.


This website uses SSL Version 3.0 encryption to ensure that your details and accounts are safe and secure. Registered customers are also provided with a username and password for login to ensure the safety of their details. We recommend changing this password regularly.


 FWD uses cookies to make purchasing through its website as simple as possible. Cookies are small files that are written to the hard drive, and remember certain pieces of information such as usernames for websites. Cookies will not tell us who you are and are used for nothing more than remembering your details. You can refuse cookies at any time through your internet settings.

We care about keeping your personal data safe. View our Privacy Policy here to learn more.
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