• Weekly Fruit and Veg Update

Weekly Fruit and Veg Update

Weekly Fruit and Veg Update

Welcome to our weekly Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Updates

Value Produce

* Zucchini M/L - Good local supply
* Avocado's Sheppard - Good supply
* Pineapples Topless - Good supply
* Celery - Good local supply
* Carrots M - Strong local supply

Buyer Beware

* Tomatoes - Weather affected 
* Cabbage - Supply slowing getting better
* Corn - Rain affecting crop
* Squash - Very limited supply
* Oranges - Southern heat affecting crop
* Cauliflowers - Weak local supply
* Cucumbers Continental - In a growing gap
* Rockmelons - In a growing gap
* Honeydew - In a growing gap
* Strawberries - Weather affecting crop

Supply of all fruit and veggies is not guaranteed at the moment due to the weather

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